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Finals Week Made Worse as Madison Misnomer Begins Winter Break Hiatus

Following a semester critics have described as "Bold", "Unprecedented", and "What UW-Madison needed", universally adored satire publication The Madison Misnomer is going on a month long hiatus over winter break effective immediately.

The semester began on August 30th and The Madison Misnomer posted daily through December 14th, totalling at a staggering 100+ posts that were regularly the best part of any given student's day. Editor-in-Chief Paul Tael was available for comment on the astounding success of recent months.

"I don't know who started the rumors that this semester was groundbreaking," Tael said. "But they're absolutely true and you should tell everyone you know. And to our amazing audience: You're welcome for a great semester."

While other Misnomer leadership could have been available for further comment, Tael claimed he was too tired and had to study so he didn't feel like asking anyone.


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