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Fishermen: Baitkeep, Basslight, Trawlboss

Not to be outdone by the strong independent women of the world, fishermen have put their own spin on the “Gatekeep, Gaslight, Girlboss” movement. We break their new motto down for you here so you can help your own grandfather move into the twenty-first century even if his fishing boat is stuck in the last one.


Every fisherman knows there can only be so many real fishermen, so it’s important to exclude people without any real potential, especially if they use fake worms.


Good fishermen brag about their own catch but diminish the achievements of others. For example, feel free to add a couple of inches to your own walleye but call everyone else’s a little fishy.


Nothing’s more powerful than the thrill of trawling. Trawl the seas and feel the swell of the waves from a nearby wakeboarder. You’re the king of that lake you have a timeshare rental on.


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