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Following Controversy, Pete Davidson Rebrands as "Te"

You’d have to be living under a rock to not be aware of the ongoing feud between SNL’s heartthrob Pete Davidson and hip hop’s most unhinged bad boy Kanye West. In the wake of all the controversy, Pete has made a bold copycat decision of his own: to legally change his name to Te.

In late 2019, Kanye West made the decision to legally change his name to “Ye.” Type in Kanye West on Spotify? Nothing. Look up his name on Google? Nada. The rapper can only be discovered by two letters: Y-E.

Staten Island’s golden boy Pete Davidson refuses to be left behind by the most influential person in footwear. Only one small issue: no one knows if it’s pronounced Te (Tay), Te (Tə), or Te (Tee). So until leading linguistics experts weigh in, there will be no agreed upon pronunciation, just like Omicron, bourgeoisie, or X Æ A-12 Musk.

Nevertheless, Te is in full force campaigning against Ye’s fraudulent claims that Te is gay, has AIDs, and was never funny. We can only assume the argument will culminate in a screaming match when they both include “Child of God/Lorne” at the beginning of their respective titles.


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