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Freshman Excited to Celebrate 19th and 22nd Birthdays Simultaneously

With another batch of freshmen at UW comes another year of small children slowly becoming small men and women. This classic coming-of-age situation has had a unique twist for freshman Patrick Gilsdorf. A Witte resident and avid member of Beta Sigma Theta, Gilsdorf was excited to celebrate his 19th birthday in about two weeks when he realized something remarkable; his 22nd birthday was also in two weeks.

Gilsdorf was eager to express his enthusiasm for this marvelous coincidence. “I was all set to throw down for my 19th, slam a few drinks with the boys, y’know? But one of the bouncers at Sconnies mentioned that my 22nd birthday was coming up, and sure enough he was right. They even fall on the same day. Pretty fuckin’ stoked about that.”

When asked how he planned to celebrate both parties, Gilsdorf said he plans to celebrate his 22nd birthday with lots of alcohol. His 19th birthday, however, he says he intends to celebrate with even more alcohol. His family from Oak Springs, Illinois, plans to come in and spend the day with him, but sadly his family from Oak Hills, Michigan won’t seem to be able to attend.

When the news broke at Witte of this special occurrence, it appeared that almost every student shared this coincidence. A teary-eyed Witte resident Annabeth Ashby exclaimed “I guess good things come to those who wait. I bet my Big planned this.” Ashby noted that one of the girls down the hall looked very similar to her, and presumed that they probably shared 22nd birthdays too. The floor decided to commemorate this revelation with some shots.


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