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Heard of Gossip Girl? Get Ready for Backtalk Boy

In addition to the Gossip Girl reboot, this week HBO Max decided to launch a spinoff to the teen drama classic entitled “Backtalk Boy.”

“It’s important that we bring underrepresented voices to the screen,” stated executive Anita Mann. “Now more than ever, we need to showcase whiny boys. Men who speak their minds are pure untapped potential for the entertainment industry.

“Sure, Gossip Girl is a classic, but we really think Backtalk Boy speaks to the next generation. We’re thrilled to be ushering in a new age in Hollywood, where aged-out metrics like the Bechdel Test with silly quotas of ‘two named female characters’ no longer define a project.”

The official cast has not yet been released, but Mann confirms that Noah Centineo and Cole Sprouse are guaranteed recurring roles.


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