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Heartwarming: Student Reunited with Salad After Campus-Wide Search

Tragedy struck on Tuesday after UW-Madison student Jill Hoffman encountered an unattended salad outside of Vilas hall. Hoffman, local vegan, knew what she had to do.

“I just took a picture of the salad and tweeted out #findmysalad. I just knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I didn’t at least try to find its owner,” she recalled.

A surge of support from the UW community erupted into a campus-wide search for the owner of the cranberry salad. Hundreds of retweets and likes sprung from the original post.

“Oh shit, that was real?” said Kyle Smith, a local frat boy who retweeted the post, “I thought it was just a meme.”

After hours of waiting to see if someone would come forward to claim the abandoned salad as theirs, Hoffman expanded her search.

“I went through every dorm with the salad,” she noted. “I showed it to anyone I could find.”

Finally, when all hope seemed lost, Zac Carlson was abruptly stopped by Hoffman. When he identified the salad as his own, Hoffman was reported to have had tears in her eyes.

“Yeah, it was my salad from lunch three days ago,” Carlson recalled. “That shit was nasty, but hey, at least it got me on Barstool.”


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