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Hot TA Also Kind of Smart

Confused Math 341 Students poured out of their discussion section on Tuesday after realizing that Michael Trenton, their hot ta, also appeared to know what he was talking about.

“Until now I’ve just been showing up cause, y’know, he’s hot,” said Michelle Porter. “Weirdly enough I think I’m actually learning from him. Game changer.”

After spending four years on his undergrad and being accepted to one of the most prestigious grad schools in the country, Trenton regularly still has to shake off the stereotype that he’s more than just a ‘heaping helping of grade A hunk meat’.

“The attention can get exhausting,” said Trenton. “I just hope I age poorly so I don’t have to keep dealing with this.”

Sources close to Trenton have confirmed that his father, Daniel, is a total Fox and that Trenton has no chance of ever living this down.


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