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“I’m Fairly Optimistic About the Future” Says Person Who Doesn’t Know I’m About to Kick Their Shins

The Madison Misnomer has always had a finger on the pulse of campus. This week was no different, as we hit the streets for the first quarterly consensus census.

First we talked with Avinandita Tolo, a sophomore who plans on majoring in Political Science and Economics.

How optimistic are you about the future?

“Personally, I’m feeling pretty good about the future. I did pretty well on my midterms last week, and things have been going great with my girlfriend. In general I would say that I’m a bit nervous about how crazy politics are getting, and I just wish we spent more time talking with each other to find common ground. However, I think there is still time to make change happen, and I think our generation is going to be the one to do it.”

Mmhmm mmhmm. How much money do you have in your pockets?

“Wha- what?”

Cash. How much cash is in your pockets.

“Uhh about $5.35?”

Is that a lot for you?


“Hey, hey what are you doing give that back! You took my credit card too you dickhead, I’m going to call th-”

Next I talked with Lola Masorte, a student athlete and Linguistics major.

How optimistic are you about the future?

“Not very personally. I’m a runner, and I was just about to break a 6 minute mile, but then I got a stress fracture in my ankle. Now I can’t run anymore and I’m finding it hard to focus on my studies because of it.”

Which ankle?

“My left.”

“Ow what the hell, why did you do that? Seriously who the fuck would do tha-”

Finally I talked with Linus Schwimmer, who is receiving his PhD in Cognitive Psychology.

How optimistic are you about the future?

“Hey, you’re the guy who pretends to interview people before assaulting and robbing them aren’t you?”

It sounds like you’re not very optimistic.

“No I suppose not. It feels like my health and personal belongings are in danger.”

Does this feeling have something to do with the relationship with your father?

“How do you know…”

You should know that he forgives you. What happened with the Toyota Tacomah is long behind you.


And thus concludes the Madison Misnomer’s first quarterly consensus census. Overall the atmosphere of the UW seems to be slightly wavering during these uncertain times. Having just come out of a global pandemic, students are now dealing with unprecedented adversities at every turn, all while being held to the academic and social pressures of university life. It shouldn’t come as a shock then that students are distressed.


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