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"Is It Raining Where You Are?" Texts Mike to Long Distance Girlfriend Dumping Him Over Thanksgiving

Self-professed “soulmates” Mike Steinberg and Hayley Rodriguez began dating their senior year at West High School, knowing that college loomed darkly over the future of their relationship. This fall, Steinberg went to UW-Madison as a legacy student and joined his father’s old fraternity. Rodriguez on the other hand was accepted into Northwestern and currently goes there.

“Distance is so tough, like, we barely even talk anymore, but it will be worth it,” Steinberg said. “We’ve been dating for about 10 months now. What’s four years?”

Since coming to school, Steinberg has become more emotionally distant than he was before. Busy with fraternity events, exams and excessive partying, their phone calls have become progressively fewer and far between.

“There are so many more hot guys here,” Rodriguez said. “And Mike… well. Let’s just say things aren’t gonna last long.”

Last night, as a hot conversation starter, Steinberg texted Rodriguez, “Is it raining where you are?”

“Yeah I’m dumping him as soon as we’re both back for Thanksgiving,” Rodriguez said. 


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