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'It do be like that sometimes,' Says Roommate As She Do Be Like That

“It do be like that,” said UW freshman Valerie Johnson’s roommate yesterday, as she commented on something that had, for Johnson, really do been like that. Johnson, though, began to notice that her roommate, in fact, also do be like that.

Johnson pondered it for a little bit: “Could she really do like that be?”

She began to notice more and more how her roommate was really do being like that, almost every day.

“She told me that it do be like that, but she do be like that, too," said Johnson.

Experts on the matter are unsure whether it could ever again be do like that.

Valerie decided that either it be like that do or it do be like not that, but her roommate surely do be like that.

Reports confirm that it, in fact, like that do be.


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