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'Junior by Credits' Makes Sure to Let Everyone Know About Her Early Registration Date

As registration dates are being assigned across campus, the caste structure of UW’s registration system begins to reveal itself once again. This is often typified in pretentious-ass freshmen and sophomores whose AP credit puts them at upperclassman status (“by credits!”) and gives them an earlier registration date than their peers. One UW freshman, Kelsey Smith, who tells nearly everyone she meets that she is a “Junior by credits!” is such a weathered and experienced upperclassman, that she has unlimited knowledge to offer her freshman friends, and never fails to let any and all know about her very unique situation. This year, Smith decided she would really flex that early registration date to all those around her.

“What’s your registration date again?” Smith was seen asking her peers for the fifth time. After the uncomfortable silence that followed, Smith replied, “Well, mine’s probably earlier. I’m a junior by credits!”

Smith believes that her experience in writing AP U.S. History DBQs and taking $100 AP tests has completely made up for two entire years of college courses. After all, who needs to learn for two years when you can answer a b c or d on an expensive multiple choice test? According to Smith, she “obviously deserves an earlier registration date.”

“Being a junior by credits is hard sometimes,” Smith revealed. “There are so many people my age who don’t even know random facts from AP Art History! Going into college and already being a junior was really a big task for me. Why don’t you try entering college already at a higher level than your friends? I think most freshmen avoid me because they’re intimidated.”

Smith isn’t completely sure what classes she’ll be taking next semester since she is “probably the only junior who is undecided, haha!”, but at least she’s “basically assured” a spot in Music 113.


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