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Local Woman “Not Impressed” by Hair in Soup

Local woman Jean Anderson stopped for a quick lunch at Gordon’s yesterday afternoon and was reportedly “not impressed” with her experience.

“Usually the soups at the dining halls are very delicious, and may I say classy, but I was slightly unhappy with my meal,” said Jean Anderson. “I stop by Gordon’s almost every day for a big bowl of soup on my lunch break.”

Jean’s latest bowl of soup was the “always-delicious” baked potato soup. It was extra thick and creamy as per usual. Upon her third spoonful, Anderson felt something off in her mouth. She reached in and pulled a long black hair out that was intertwined with both the potato and her teeth.

The hair was very tangled up in the soup and had woven itself through potato chunks and melted cheese, completely hidden from sight. The hair definitely did not belong to Jean, who is a blonde. It was much longer than hers as well.

“I gotta say, my take on the situation- not impressed,” Jean said. “Did I finish that bowl of soup? Yes. Will I go back for more soup on Monday? Yes, absolutely. One mediocre experience won’t change my opinion. Next time I’ll make sure to order my soup shaved!”

Anderson said, laughing to herself for the next two minutes.


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