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Mom and Dad Very Excited to Spend Time With Your Depression

When parents of UW sophomore Dillon Moore heard that their son would be bringing his depression home with him this spring break, they were ecstatic. They expressed this to their son, claiming they were “very excited” to be able to spend time with his depression since they had been “hearing so much about it!”

Dillon posts many Snapchat and Instagram stories with teasing captions about his depression, and Mr. and Mrs. Moore were just waiting for the moment when their son would finally introduce them.

“One day he posted a selfie of himself lying in bed with the caption ‘love my depression.’” said Mrs. Moore. “I knew he was missing class, but I’m so happy he’s prioritizing what he loves!”

Mr. and Mrs. Moore have been prepping the house for this “very special guest” by planning meals and tidying up.

“I hope his depression isn’t vegetarian,” said Mr. Moore. “I make a mean hamburger stew.”

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