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Nation’s Elite Thrilled to See Upper-Class Representation in Parasite

If you were one of the millions who tuned in to the Oscars a few weeks ago, you saw Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite sweep the awards show, winning four awards including Best Picture. Many saw the success of the South Korean film as a win for representation, and none were more delighted than the ultra-wealthy.

“It’s about time we had positive depictions of the rich community in film,” remarked Kyle Braun, heir to the Yankee Candle fortune and owner of thirteen different breeds of luxury ferrets. “It seems like we’re always made out to be the bad guys. But just like in the movie, all we want is to avoid the yucky general population, unless we hire them, in which case they’re expected to leave the poor-people baggage at the door during work hours. Vibes get thrown way off if they don’t. It’s really quite reasonable.”

Braun, like many of his wealthy peers, sees the film as a huge step in turning the public opinion back in favor of the upper-class. “The movie shows the reality of how the lower class just wants to take advantage of us and leech off of our hard-earned money, whether it’s by taking on new identities so that we unknowingly employ their whole family in our home, or by wanting food stamps and health care," explained the ferret aficionado. “They’re like ticks, or tapeworms, or...hey wait! They’re parasites! And that’s the name of the movie! Neato.”

Braun will be hosting a Parasite viewing party for the public at his home theater this Saturday. The event is invitation only.


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