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Nintendo Finally Announces 'Mr. Smash Brother' as Playable Character

After nearly 20 years of being omitted from his own series, the eponymous Mr. Smash Brother was finally announced to be added as a DLC character to Super Smash Brothers Ultimate in March. The character has played a supporting role since the first game but has finally been added to the game amidst recent controversy in the Smash community. According to the game’s lore, all of the fights in the game actually take place in Mr. Smash Brother’s backyard shed, where Mr. Smash Brother films the fights and sells the rights to World Star Hip Hop in order to afford his lavish lifestyle and fuel his severe coke addiction. However, for the first time, he will be stepping out from behind the camera to join in the fray.

This attempt to appease die hard fans was likely made after the hullabaloo caused by the release of the most recent version of the game. The addition of controversial new characters, such as the Boss Baby and Mavis Beacon from Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, along with adding in product placement on some stages for PornHub, Minecraft, and Crystal Pepsi has caused serious uproar in the smash community. Hopefully, the addition of everyone’s favorite coke snorting, cheese whiz guzzling cameraman will make up for the poor decisions of the previous update and keep the smash community satisfied for the near future, lest another city is lost to smash riots.


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