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Pornhub Premium Introduces “Profiles” Feature so Whole Family can Enjoy

That’s right, it’s finally here: Pornhub Premium has finally added a “profiles” feature for a more personalized Pornhub experience.

Following in the footsteps of streaming giants like Netflix and Disney+, Premium’s “profiles” feature will allow each member of the household to have their own preferences, watch lists, recommendations, and more.

No longer will your customized recommendations for mature foot fetish videos be ruined by your dad’s affinity for tasteful feminist porn. And thank goodness you’ll no longer have to see the “continue watching” section and wonder who in your family decided to watch that horrifying video.

As a fun bonus, each user will get to choose their own profile photo. Pick from hundreds of available images, ranging from suggestive emojis to your favorite pornstar’s genitalia.

Just like Netflix, Premium’s profiles also have an available “kids” option. Selecting this immediately dispatches local authorities to your location, sends them your search history, and releases a powerful burst of pepper spray.


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