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Punxsutawney Phil Demands Respect, Requests to be Called Punxsutawney Philip

After 132 years of hard meteorology, Punxsutawney Phil means business. Today, he refused to leave his den until people sang out to him, "Come out, come out Punxsutawney Philip!"

To add to this, he demanded the singing be done by a professional choir and be in the key of G for groundhog. His manager tried to keep his diva status a secret, but we found the emails.

"Dammit, I'm the one that ends winter, you'd think they'd call me by my full name. It was fine for the first 130 years, but I'm grown now," says Punxsutawney as his manager tries to quiet him.

If Philip keeps acting up, we may be in the market for a Punxsutawney Phrank.


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