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Quiz: Who Should be Your Midnight Kiss at Your Immediate Family’s New Years Gathering?

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Ah, New Years! The one holiday where you get to hang out with people you actually like, and potentially wanna bang. Well, not this year! To ring in 2021, we’re hanging out with our immediate family. Thankfully, you might not have to go without that midnight kiss you were looking forward to. Here’s a holiday quiz to tell you who to make out with while hanging with your family on New Year’s Eve.

What’s your favorite holiday activity?

  1. Decorating the house

  2. Eggnog-induced naps

  3. The delicious holiday feast

  4. The New Years countdown

What is your favorite holiday movie?

  1. Tom Hanks’ Christmas Train Spectacular

  2. One of the thousands of versions of “A Christmas Carol”

  3. ☆ 8 HOURS ☆ CHRISTMAS MUSIC Instrumental ♫ FIREPLACE ☆ YULE LOG ☆ Upbeat GUITAR Carols Playlist ☆

  4. Dick Clark's New Year’s Rockin' Eve

What is the most attractive holiday outfit?

  1. A big ol’ vest

  2. A crew neck sweatshirt with two different colored collars

  3. Nothing at all ;)

  4. A suit with the thinnest tie you’ve ever seen

What would you like to receive for Christmas?

  1. A tool kit, blue or pink depending on your gender

  2. A hint about a lifestyle change you need to make

  3. Nothing; You don’t know how to react when receiving a gift and would like to avoid the situation altogether

  4. Big, shiny ball

What are your kissing hygiene standards?

  1. I’m fine with a whisky and cigarette breath cocktail

  2. I like a nice set of wine-stained teeth

  3. Literally abysmal. They could eat shit and lick their own genitals and I wouldn’t care.

  4. They must have the brightest, freshest, straightest megawatt smile. Nothing less will suffice.

If you chose mostly 1’s: Make out with your dad. Do it. Maybe while he’s “resting his eyes”. Yeah, that’ll make it less awkward.

If you chose mostly 2’s: Smooch your mom. Come on, it’s not a big deal, some people kiss their moms on the lips well into adulthood.

If you chose mostly 3’s: Give your dog kisses! They love you so much and want nothing more than to lick whatever food residue is left on your mouth.

If you chose mostly 4’s: Approach the TV and full-on french the image of Ryan Seacrest hosting the ABC New Year’s special. He’s a full 720p of handsome, and the static makes it feel simply electric.


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