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School Bans Use Of 'Spooktacular' Just In Case It Has Something To Do With Vaping

"We are just trying to cover our bases," said Howard Martin, principal of Westfield High who recently banned the word "Spooktacular" from his school just in case it might have to do with vaping.

"Lately these kids have been getting into some weird stuff," Martin continued. "Juul? That's not a real word. Now they're going around using the word spooktacular and laughing at us when they find out we don't know what it is. I'll tell you this: I will not have any kids huffing any 'spooktaculars' on my watch."

Spooktacular now joins the list of other words banned from Westfield High School, including "Squad", "Noice", and "Boo-Berry".


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