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Study: Best Lovers on Campus Write for The Madison Misnomer

A new study done by the UW Institute for Sexual Health has found significant evidence that shows the most sensual lovers on campus are funny losers.

Funny losers who write for The Madison Misnomer, in fact.

Research states that 98.32% of past lovers of this rag-tag group of satire writers left completely satisfied, even reporting multiple orgasms.

The Madison Misnomer shockingly outperformed lovers in student orgs that are known for being sexy, beating both the hipster hotties of WSUM Student Radio and the lovable cuties of the UW Marching Band.

When asked her reaction to the news, junior Stacy Parker said, “Who?”

Perhaps it’s the obscurity and lack of readership that makes these lovers so eager for approval.

Maybe it’s the fact that they’re just a little ugly, and it makes enough sense that show that ugly people are just better at sex.

Readers of The Madison Misnomer are encouraged to find out for themselves and check out the “About Us” page for more info.


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