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Study: “End Road Work” Signs Ineffective At Stopping Road Work From Happening

Most survey results show that an overwhelming majority of commuters believe that road work should be ended completely, so why does it still continue? Commuters seem to have the same question, and recently a large number of “end road work” signs have been placed at the end of construction zones in order to truly end road work. Despite these efforts, however, reports show that somehow road work still continues to occur in many regions.

George Duncan, a UW-Madison senior, expressed his concern for this recent development.

“One day, I saw that “begin road work” sign and I thought to myself, ‘Why do people put up these signs? Who really wants road work to begin?'"

Duncan went on to explain that as he crept through one-lane traffic, already late for his 7:45 am lecture, he saw, at the end of the construction a sign that read “end road work.”

“Finally,” rejoiced Duncan, “Someone realized that road construction needs to be stopped. This madness was finally going to end.”

For many, this signaled not only an end to road work, but hope for the future. A sign that ended road work meant hope for all commuters around the world.

Weeks after the posting of these “end road work” signs, however, road work still remained to cause headaches and slow traffic. Studies done throughout the nation on this phenomenon concluded that despite the declarative nature of the sign, it had no true effectiveness in ending the road work.

“We were all shocked,” commented Duncan. “We really thought that change was happening.”

With the failure of “end road work” signs in actually ending any road work, many commuters are now attempting to take down “begin road work” signs so that the construction can never begin in the first place.


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