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Ten-Year Old Blissfully Unaware He’s Peaked

“Hahaha! Come catch me guys!” yelled Phillip Markson as he ran from his friends, playing a game of tag. Markson, however, was sadly unaware that in that very moment his existence would have officially peaked.

“Can’t catch me!” shouted Markson to his friends, 22 years before he would default on his second-mortgage payments for the second time. It wouldn’t even be a decade from his peak in life that he would obtain his first DUI and be expelled from his dream college, building on the steady decline which began in his childhood.

“You guys are my best friends!” said Markson to his four acquaintances, three of whom he would grow apart from and stop talking to after starting middle school only two years after that moment. The other would introduce him to his sister, or as he would know her by his 27th birthday, as his first ex-wife.

When asked by his friends as to what he wants to do when he grows up, Markson replied with “Doctor!”, an ambitious goal for someone who’s drug problem will force him into being Assistant Manager at a Wendy’s after being expelled from his second college. Even his fallback plan of “Astronaut!” would be nothing more than a pipedream.

Markson continued to play tag with his friends, blissfully ignorant of the fact that diabetes would someday take one of his legs only months after his third divorce would be finalized.


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