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Tony Evers and Weed Yoda–the Misnomer’s Dream Blunt Rotation

Whether or not you choose to partake in a certain drug that contains THC, it’s undeniable that a select few people in this world would make absolutely amazing blunt buddies. Here’s a list of just some of these incredible human beings who would be in our dream blunt rotation here at the Misnomer:

  1. Tony Evers: Being the 46th Governor of Wisconsin is a tough job, guys. Governor Evers has promised to prioritize legalizing weed and how else better to do his job than by getting some field experience? Pass the Dutchie 'pon the left hand side, Gov’nah.

  2. Weed Yoda: Mmmmmhmhmhmhhmhmmmm. Smoke the za za, you must.

  3. Elon Musk’s mom: Always gotta have a MILF in the blunt rotation. Otherwise is it really a dream blunt rotation? Plus, she’s Elongated Muskrat’s mother. This woman knows where the good kush is at.

  4. Any professor in the German, Nordic, and Slavic department: Some of the chillest professors at this institution. Probably already doing some psychedelics and/or the green on the down low just to deal with us kids. Also, pretty much any subject taught within the department would be ideal to discuss while absolutely zooted.

  5. Roddy from Flushed Away: Anthropomorphic rat Hugh Jackman. Need we say more? Just look up a picture of him and take a good, long look at his hair. This Tom Holland doppelganger would absolutely be the life of the party.

  6. Bandit Heeler, aka the dad from Bluey. Dude’s a chill Aussie, he was 1000% a stoner surfer dude back in the day. Plus, imagine how entertaining listening to an Australian accent would be while high.


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