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Trump Says Next Supreme Court Justice Will Be At Least a 7

The tragic passing of Supreme Court justice and social icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a great loss for the country. It also adds greater uncertainty to an already tumultuous election year. Trump and other members of the Republican party want to fill the seat as soon as possible, while Democrats insist that it not be filled until the American people cast their ballots on November 3rd.

But Trump doesn't want just anyone to replace Justice Ginsburg on the bench. Obviously he would like an ideologically conservative justice; he also wants it to be a woman. But the president has other standards for his appointment as well. He called in on Fox and Friends this morning to lay them out.

“Ya know Steve, we’re looking for a woman to be the next Supreme Court justice. A beautiful, beautiful woman, at least a 7,” Trump told the Friends, “I don't know who it's gonna be yet, Steve, but I have my best people looking into it. Pence is out there right now seeing what some of those girls me and Jeff used to hang out with are up to. I'm always seeing ads for these hot milfs in my area Steve, maybe one of them wants it?”

Kayleigh Mcenany, White House Press Secretary, clarified the president’s comments this afternoon at a press conference.

“The Trump Administration is dedicated to empowering women in government, especially if they have a nice hourglass figure and a bangin’ rack. Additionally, the president denies all connection to Jeffrey Epstein. Do not believe what you see on the fake news media.”


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