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University Replaces Drumline With Hamboning Squad

After an intense 17 hour debate regarding the future of the Badger Band, a decision had been made: The University of Wisconsin-Madison will be the first university to implement a revolutionary hamboning squad.

Although the Badger drumline was truly beloved for their sick beats and stylish fits, a hamboning squad will be a stupefying addition to the Badger Band.

When asked about the switcheroo one Badger Band member said, “I was skeptical about a hamboning squad, but after watching numerous Hambone Bros videos on Youtube I was convinced. The Lierman Brothers made me see the face of God, and guess what? He hambones.”

Those opposed to the hambone squad relied heavily on the logistics of the idea. They kept wailing, practically screeching, “HOW WILL WE HEAR THE HAMBONING???”. This issue has been completely thought through despite the haters.

When asked if it will be possible to amplify the hamboning squad over the loud crowd, an amplification specialist replied, “No”.

While it may be seemingly “impossible” to amplify the hambone squad, the sheer power of hamboning will be louder than any speaker could dream to be.


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