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Walking Dead Reboot? Nope, US Senate

What's spookier than ghouls, goblins, and ghosts sticking around past the halloween season? The US Senate apparently, as was seen last week when the production crew for an upcoming Walking Dead reboot accidentally broke into the Senate chambers.

“It’s easier to get in there than you’d think,” said AMC showrunner Bince Shilligan. “The new Walking Dead series is going to be based in D.C, and we wanted to get some filler shots of zombies inside of the US Capitol. Boy were we surprised when we found out Congress was still in session.”

It took 6 hours for the crew to realize the mistake that they had made. The production team had entered in the middle of a debate on the regulation of social media companies' collection of user data. “Not a single intelligent thing was said, just a sea of moans and growls,” said Shilligan.

We asked producer Sheila Grebbens how such a mistake was made. “When we entered the room we thought oh wow these extras are so good, they’re already playing their parts. Usually when dealing with extras you have some jerk fresh out of college who just has to stare at the camera. But these guys were just perfect: their decaying wrinkled skin and soulless stares had us convinced that these were our zombie actors. Who would have guessed that they were all members of one of the highest elected bodies in the land?”

The AMC crew finally realized its mistake when moments after calling a lunch break, Mitch McConnel leaped from his chair and sucked all of the blood out of a virgin. “We were pretty embarrassed honestly. We should have realized something was up when the zombie that looked suspiciously like Josh Hawley tried flirting with one of the interns.”

Fortunately for the crew, the footage up until that point was still fairly usable, and they shouldn’t have to film more filler scenes.

“We were fairly lucky,” said Shilligan, “It’s pretty easy to get in and out of the Senate chambers without any direct repercussions.”


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