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"Were You With Michael Until the End?" Asks Confused Music Fan

When Michael Jackson died in his home in 2009, surrounded by friends and family, music fans around the world expressed their sorrow over losing the artist who wrote hits like “Rockin’ Robin” and “Shoo-Be-Shoo-Be-Doo-Da-Day” by holding candlelight vigils and crashing the internet with the word of his passing.

However, one music fan who wishes to remain anonymous seemed to be under the impression that this tragic event happened yesterday.

“Were you with Michael until the end?” asked this distraught fan to another, wondering if the writer of “Ben” hummed any unpublished tunes or mentioned any fan’s names during his final hours.

Refusing to believe that the “King of Pop” in fact died twelve years ago, this fan began to whine in a high-pitched voice and form the fetal position after hearing about the celebrity’s history of pedophilia.

It just goes to show you: some fans may have a hard time realizing that Michael Jackson is no longer relevant.


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