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Woman Finally Brought on Oscars Stage Only to Be Interrupted by Bong Joon-ho

Thanks to the Instagram stories of the pretentious film nerds in your social circle, you probably know that the South Korean film Parasite swept the Oscars. Sunday’s awards culminated in Best Picture for the film. But laypeople watching the awards wondered, “Why is some guy taking all the credit? Clearly that woman standing next to Bong Joon-ho is the boss around here.”

“That girl is winning a lot of those gold naked dudes,” said Ian Wright, local Communication Arts Major. He was referring to Sharon Choi, Director Bong Joon-ho’s translator. “She keeps going up there and making speeches, but that rude guy next to her is constantly interrupting. Typical man,” said Wright.  “He was speaking in another language, too. He should have hired someone who could, like, explain what he was saying in English. He got through to me at one point though. ‘I will drink until next morning.’ Guess he does speak my language.”

Elaborating on his impression of Choi, he remarked, “I didn’t know chicks work on movies. I mean, besides Brad Pitt’s wives. Guess it’s different in South Korea. It’s like a different country.”

While Choi was busy being professional, Bong Joon-ho was making quite a scene towards the other nominees. “It got really exciting when he threatened to decapitate her award. And it was chill when he pointed out that old sleeping man and said he loved this guy Quentin. He even made his man-dolls kiss. Representation matters.”

On the significance of Parasite’s triumph as an international film, Wright commented, “It’s really exciting for the guys (and gals) who made it. Bet they’ll be super rich now. Maybe that dude can afford a translator next time.”


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