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Woman Learns Hard Way Not To Schedule Cancer Screening on April 1st

While area woman Andrea Park is completely cancer free, her physician, Dr. Michael Martin, thought he might have a little fun before delivering the good news.

"Please take a seat," said Dr. Martin as Park and her husband entered his office. "Medicating for this disease is very difficult. There are so many factors to keep track of that chance plays more of a role in the recovery process than I would like."

According to Park's memory, this is when Dr. Martin reached behind a desk and pulled out a box of tissues before slowly sliding them over to her.

"They totally believed me!" said Dr. Martin. "I didn't think it'd go so well so I let it last a little longer. I knew the longer I let it go on the more rewarding it would be telling them I'm only kidding."

Following the appointment, Dr. Martin made sure to write 'haha, gotcha!' on Park's $10,000 hospital bill.

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